You have changed my life.

I could never have dreamed to develop a relationship between my body and this instrument on this level without you. It still blows my mind that somehow I stumbled across your studio when I was injured, and for the past 3 years you’ve worked to not only restore my ability to play piano, but to teach me a philosophy of playing that is so far beyond the way I’ve played ever before. Taubman has become not just a way to play without pain, but a whole spirituality almost, a way of comprehending the relationship between body, soul, and sound that is just so beautiful. So thank you for your time, your care, and your constant giving spirit.”

Cordelia Zars

I barely have the words to describe the positive impact

Brenna Berman has made in my life. I was injured when I started taking lessons with Brenna, but hopeful that she would get me to a place where I could play piano without pain. As I started my retraining process, I quickly realized that I was gaining so much more than just the ability to play pain-free and better than I ever imagined. That alone would have been amazing, but the journey with Brenna is much more than that. She has taught me so much about the mind and body connection, making this as much of a spiritual endeavor for me as it is a technical one. I am beyond grateful that I have her in my life and look forward to continued growth as her student and part of the Effortless Artistry Music’s Teacher Certification Program.”

Michelle Mark

During the time that I studied with Brenna Berman,

my technical skill grew exponentially, as did my ability to convey musical ideas. I know that this is because of her patient, hands-on approach to teaching. She gently guided me on the road from the fundamental building blocks of technique toward the goal of independent problem solving; I now understand the direct relationship between proper technique and eloquent musical expression, and my music sounds the way that I intend it to. Brenna supported me through the college audition process, and because of her, I will be able to attend the conservatory of my dreams. Brenna has helped me to realize that musical success, from the smallest detail to the largest performance, is dependent upon knowledge and the diligence to apply it.”

Kendall Kelly

When I had first come to Brenna as a freshman in College,

I had 13 years of practicing, a few competitions, and countless concerts under my belt. I told her I had hit a wall in my practice, muscially and technically. She opened up a new chapter in my musical career by introducing me to the Taubman technique; my practice has progressed tremendously since then. I am able to disect a piece of music into ways beyond just reading and memorizing each note. The score has become more of a dance that needs to be choreographed. When done correctly, my hands feel as if they just fly over the piano with ease. My practice is more efficient without being overly lengthy. The process never gets tiring; there is always a reasonable challenge and Brenna is there to guide me. It truly is a great experience.

Tanya Ryzik

It has been a revelation to learn the Taubman Technique

under Brenna’s tutelage. Although I had played off and on for about 11 years, I was never trained in a specific technique and struggled with difficult pieces. Now that I’ve retrained, I have the confidence and skill to approach pieces I never would have dreamed of trying before. I give full credit to Brenna’s patience and diagnostic toolkit.”

Audra Wolfe

Although I had been studying the piano for many years,

I had reluctantly stopped playing. I had become frustrated at not being able to play difficult pieces well. Thanks to Brenna I am back on track and once again enjoying playing the piano. Due to her work with the Golandsky Institute, she is able to dissect and solve technical problems. She also has a keen musical mind and has helpful suggestions that bring each piece to life. She is a caring teacher who gently pushes you to do your absolute best. She has taken the mystery out of fine piano playing and now I will have a lifelong love of playing the piano. That is something special.”

Ed McHugh

It is a great privilege to study with Brenna Berman.

She not only has an absolute mastery of the keyboard, but is also a very focused and enthusiastic teacher. Her painstaking meticulousness in teaching technique has paid off: my playing now has a smoothness and evenness that I had despaired of ever attaining.”

Jamal A.

It is rare that you have the opportunity to work with an individual

that is truly passionate about music, talented at piano playing, and gifted at the art of teaching. Brenna is one such teacher who is more aptly described as a piano coach. Her structured teaching style is tailored to each individual and focused on building a strong foundation, both with music theory and playing technique.

I believed that I had reached my potential as a pianist until I met Brenna and began retraining. I am now excited to know, and confident in saying, that she has shown me that there are no limits.”

Gina DeRaimo

I had been taking formal piano lessons for 11 years prior

to beginning lessons with Brenna last year. My previous playing was good but hitting a plateau; however, I have made great strides artistically and technically over the past year. It’s obvious that Brenna has dedicated her life to the craft of piano playing. She knows so many sneaky little tricks that are so technically effective and to which I’ve never been exposed.”

Terence Cooper

Over the years playing the piano,

I worked myself into a serious repetitive stress injury. The pain spread into all of my daily activities, as well as when I was doing nothing. Now, after studying the Taubman approach for one year with Brenna I have almost no pain [in everyday activities]. Playing the piano also feels easier. Brenna’s personal experience with injury gave me hope for recovery and gave her insight into what I was experiencing. I am excited by the progress I am making and look forward to making music in a way I thought I had lost.

Lori Cook

I took piano lessons in Philadelphia for a couple of years

with Brenna Berman. She is terrific: committed, passionate, intelligent, creative and kind. She went out of her way in many ways: organized recitals for her adult beginning students, introduced me to her mentor and set-up a lesson with him, introduced me to music in the Philadelphia area. She was (and continues to be) an inspiration to me as a teacher and artist. I offer her my most wildly enthusiastic recommendation!”

Kate Northrop

I love taking piano lessons with Brenna!

She is a very gifted teacher, has a lot of insight, and is a great communicator. Right away, she suggests something that looks simple, yet has profound effect on the way you play. No matter what your level of piano playing, you will definitely improve with Brenna, and surprise yourself and others. That definitely happened to me, and I really appreciate that.”

Yadira T.

I highly recommend Brenna Berman for ALL pianists.

Brenna is an expert teacher! She is articulate and creative and is very good at communicating details about a very difficult subject. Her training and professionalism are unmatched. I have been her student for only a short time but I have grown immensely under her tutelage and look forward to many more years of progress!”

Dyane Rogelstad