Effortless Artistry Music’s Teacher Certification Program

Directed by Brenna Berman, Golandsky Institute Certified Master Teacher of the Taubman Approach

Goal of the Program

Our goal is to provide quality Taubman Approach pedagogical training to all dedicated  teachers interested in receiving Taubman Approach certification. Teaching the Taubman  Approach is a challenging endeavor and requires a large commitment of time and  effort. There are many steps to becoming a teacher who can fully retrain and equip  their students. This program is intended to recognize teachers at each significant step  along the way with Effortless Artistry Music Certification levels. 

Acceptance to the Program

To be accepted in the program, the teacher must have completed their own Taubman Approach re-training with a Golandsky Institute faculty member, and has demonstrated fluency in assessing and executing Taubman Approach tools in repertoire such as: rotation, in and out, walking arm and hand, shape, grouping, leaping, staccato technique, tone production, and voicing, among others.


  • Demonstrate 3 students who are capable of showing proper balance, alignment, and freedom and all 5 fingers of each hand within “drops” or “rotational drops.”

  • Demonstrate 3 students who understand unified motion and proper relationship to fulcrums

  • To have brought in students for a minimum of 4 supervised teaching sessions (30  minutes)

  • To have brought at least 2 different students in for supervised teaching sessions

  • To commit to a minimum of 4 supervised sessions per year

We recommend that teachers interested in pursuing EAM certification bring students an average of once per month or more, even though the  program requires less. The challenge of teaching the Taubman Approach is having to  personalize the program depending on the style, history, and personality of each  student. This only becomes possible after having worked with many students, and after  seeing your own students work with Master Taubman Approach teachers many times.

Certification Level 1: Balance and Alignment

Certification Level 2: Basic/Training Rotation and In and Out

Certification Level 3: Functional Minimized Rotation

Effortless Artistry Music Certification helps teachers train their students in the Taubman Approach. We hope they continue their teacher training in the Golandsky Institute Certification program as well, but EAM certification does not guarantee acceptance into the Golandsky Institute Certification program.

Inquire About the Program

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