Our Work

Eliminating Injuries and Enabling Lifetime Music-Making

Sadly, the music world currently loses a copious number of instrumentalists due to playing-related injuries or feelings of hopelessness arising from an inability to make progress. Taubman Approach training has enabled many thousands of musicians to recover from debilitating injuries and return to playing, and many thousands more have been able to avoid developing such injuries.

A Focus on Nurturing

At Effortless Artistry Music, we are committed to creating a psychologically safe environment. Students, pianists, and teachers alike are encouraged to be open about their struggles, fears, challenges, and successes. Our teachers are dedicated to listening to our students non-judgmentally and become their ally in overcoming challenges and reaching their goals.

Training Teachers

The EAM multi-level certification program is designed to recognize teachers at each successive step in learning to teach the Taubman Approach. We are increasing the number of qualified teachers in the area so we can broaden the reach in our community and online.

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Effortless Artistry Music intends to make the Taubman Approach more accessible here in our community by offering annual workshops, biannual pedagogy workshops, performance opportunities and concerts, teaching materials, presentations, support groups, and community outreach events and annual festivals.

Online Outreach

Many of our fine teachers offer private lessons online. Effortless Artistry Music also has a social media presence offering video tutorials on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and TikTok, and will soon offer purchasable tutorial videos through our website.