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Summer 2024: EAM Teacher Training Weekend

Summer 2025- EAM’s 3rd Colorado Taubman Approach Workshop

Who We Are

The mission of Effortless Artistry Music is to expand Taubman Approach training in the community and to enable musicians of all levels to achieve their artistic potential and play with ease for a lifetime.

“You have changed my life. I could never have dreamed to develop a relationship between my body and this instrument on this level without you. It still blows my mind that somehow I stumbled across your studio when I was injured, and for the past 3 years you’ve worked to not only restore my ability to play piano, but to teach me a philosophy of playing that is so far beyond the way I’ve played ever before. Taubman has become not just a way to play without pain, but a whole spirituality almost, a way of comprehending the relationship between body, soul, and sound that is just so beautiful. So thank you for your time, your care, and your constant giving spirit.” – Cordelia Zars

Teacher Training and Certification

The EAM multi-level certification program is designed to recognize teachers at each successive step in learning to teach the Taubman Approach. We are increasing the number of qualified teachers in the area so we can broaden the reach in our community and online.

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